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It’s Been Good to Me: The Undertold Story of the Cabrini Greens of the World

February 9, 2012

The last high rise of Cabrini Green will be torn down and the last two families could move out as early as Tuesday.

‘It’s been good to me’, says one of the final residents.

No celebration for the destruction of a hoodmark. No time capsule being buried so all of the little Michelles and Baracks will know the true history of this place. Instead they will read in the history books of the ‘disregard and violent nature of their ancestors’, much like folk of my generation read of the violent and rebellious slave who often attacked his innocent master, instead of a balanced account of war, spiritual famine, and triumph. No program honoring fallen soldiers like Dantrell Harris. No nothing. Just a federal order to vacate the premises. An order more than likely issued by an official with a home and a bed and a job and provision. Wonder if the last two families even had secured housing or will more children spend the night in shelters paying for the decisions made by the misunderstanding of the power hungry and the powerless. One family had been there for 21 years. Thirteen children were raised in a home of this hoodmark. It was good to them. But because value is placed up the road on the Gold Coast, no one gives a rat’s ass about the amazing history and legacy of these and countless other public housing developments being torn down for ‘mixed income housing’. Pause for a second. Weren’t these same buildings initially mixed income? So basically in 25 years, history will stick to its script and repeat itself lending someone else to write a post similar to this one when these new buildings are being torn down because of the ‘disregard and violent nature of its inhabitants’. I can see it now. The names Michelle and Barack will then be synonymous with violence instead of leadership and amazing fashion (LOL). Cry me a phukin river. I digress.

News break: Public housing is not inherently and completely bad. Quite the opposite. It has been good to some of the most amazing souls this side of heaven. You need examples? Patricia Ducy-Morris (my very own mother), Dorothy Grosley-Ducy (my very own grandmother), Alonzo Mourning, Sean Carter, Christopher Wallace, Oprah Winfrey. Oh all of them are black so they don’t count? Oh ok. You need some anglos on the list? Jimmy Carter! YES! A white president (albeit dude has negro tendencies) was raised in public housing. I will say this. What is bad on any front is the idea that cramming over 15,000 mu phukas into 2 sq ft of space with minimal outlets, employment, and access will manifest into something other than crime. That’s bad. Then proceeding to weld corridors shut with iron much like a prison; blocking out all good energy and sunlight and trapping in all bad energy, violence, frustration and pent up anger. Yep that’s gonna manifest in something other than maladaption. And when these 30,000 (cause we all know that culturally, it’s never just us that lives in our homes) mu phukas begin to create their own government of sorts, the ‘real government’ responds with LOOK SEE, THEY’RE ANIMALS. Get the phuk outta here with that bullshyt. Now i’m not demonizing the government nor am I victimizing the residents. I am defending the notion that HUMANS will adapt. And what i do understand is that violence is energy and that energy is not created or destroyed, only transferred from one space to another. So where did all that energy come from? Wait for it…wait for it.

I had a teacher that engrained in me not to just complain complain complain, but for every complaint to have a solution. And my solution is this. Perhaps a governmental focus on the true nature behind human behavior is in order. Perhaps a closer look at cultural variation is apropos. People don’t generally just act a monkey for no good reason. Perhaps focusing on the spiritual man would shed light on physical actions. When the country begins to value the part of humans that we cannot see, we will begin to unravel the answers to the things human do that we cannot understand.

Ok folk, i gotta go get dressed for work, as i advance the man’s agenda. Until then, remember that Life Really Is Good Enough To Be True.


The Ignant Intellectual

(c) The Ignant Intellectual, 2012


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