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Mental Illness: How Long Will We Sweep It Under the Rug?

July 20, 2012

How long are we going to sweep mental illness under the damn rug? When will if finally be normalized? How long are we going to criminalize those with mental issues? How long are we going to judge crime by race and gender. White man kills fiddy lemn people in a movie theatre, Diane Sawyer, refers to him as ‘the young man 24 year old James Holmes’. Black man inhales and exhales too many times within a minute, his whole childhood and entire background is up for judgement. I would love for us to normalize mental illness and accept that it’s as prevalent as Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, COPD, etc. Our mothers have DSM-IV Axes, our lovers have them, our sisters, our brothers, our aunts. Acceptance is the first step. People with no mental illness, don’t typically walk into movie theatres and just bust out in fire. And the genius of mental illness is that it too grows up in a racist world so it knows to go to the urban theatre!

—The Ignant Intellectual

(c) The Ignant Intellectual, 2012


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