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Keep Your Laws Away From My Draws (also posted on CNN)

October 9, 2012

Global conversations around LGBTQ communities have become increasingly prevalent. In September 2012, the American Democratic Party unveiled its formal 2012 platform which included its first formal support for same-sex marriage rights. While this is beyond amazing, we have hardly arrived as we still have political laws and opinions that are heavily influenced by those that do not believe that transgender persons deserve to have their voices heard and their lives lived in affirming ways. Did you know that in most U.S. states in order for a trans person to legally change their name, their birth name and new chosen name must show in a newspaper of the county they live in for three days. Also one must go to the state police and be fingerprinted? Can you imagine the potential shame around that, the trauma it produces, and the possible harm that can come from such an act? Did you know that (according to people who identify as transgender were 28% more likely to experience physical violence than those who are gender normative? Did you know most murders of transgender persons go unsolved? Additionally, there are numerous additional laws around the lives of transgender persons that are not present for gender-conforming persons.

This sign was made in response to the countless laws designed to marginalize communities simply because of what’s “in their draws”. This picture of me was taken on Saturday October 6, 2012 at the 2nd Annual Philadelphia Trans March, founded by Christian Lovehall.

–The Ignant Intellectual


The Ignant Intellectual is a New Orleans-reared writer, poet, and spoken word artist who has been writing before completely mastering the English language. From the accent to that je ne sais quoi that folk have been trying to put words to for far too long, to the curious name, The Ignant Intellectual is indeed a ‘strange fruit’. I.I.’s goal in writing and performing is to deconstruct the many unconscious social constructions that guide our mental processes and ultimately our actions, to influence youth and elders to re-imagine what is, pushing/pulling the collective to our full potential. The Ignant Intellectual’s vibrant, often humorous, and always though-provoking writings and performances convey that, “Life really is good enough to be true.” And so it is.


Twitter: @ignantintellect


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