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The Co-Opting of Term “Institutionalized” by the Justice Institution

July 5, 2013

“I find it disheartening that the term institutionalized has been negatively co-opted by the justice institution, when there are a plethora of other institutions that result in institutionalized mindsets. I assert that, fundamentally, there is no difference between someone who is institutionalized as a prisoner and someone who is institutionalized as a career academic when discussing many aspects of ‘doing’. It’s just that one is valued and the other demonized. But both people are conditioned to maneuvering those worlds of distinct systems…specific institutions with their own rules and ways of life. Both require uncomfortable negotiations for those inside. Both often force you to sacrifice certain aspects of quality of life. Both require you to assume their norms and their standards as your own in many ways. Both are reflected in a group think with commonalities in the mindsets of those who occupy those spaces.”
–The Ignant Intellectual


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