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Dear Negros. We Do Indeed, Need White Folk

July 15, 2013

Dear Negros,

It is becoming more and more clear to me that we don’t want to accept that in order to transform interlocking systems of oppression, we need a critical mass of white people (or people who benefit from white privilege) to come to recognize the injustice of the system. The buck doesn’t stop there. We also need them to PARTICIPATE COLLECTIVELY in dismantling the privilege they receive from the system at the cost of people of color. We want to think we can do it all alone and won’t need white allies and white folk in this thing with us. But the truth is that we do need them. In order to re-frame whiteness and blackness, we need whiteness and blackness! Yet, let a black person try to defend a white ally trying to ‘get it’ in a sea-o-negros and see how fast you get called an Uncle Tom.

All in all, until we recognize that we need white people at the Table of Change, wont’ be no change. Until we realize that a person going from being tolerant to being a true ally requires patience and truly allowing them to get it, won’t be no change. We must stop looking at this as befriending our oppressor. We must stop looking at it as them getting over on us.


The Ignant Intellectual


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