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October 14, 2013

I am in a number of FB groups. Some I’m more active in than others. Some of these groups are primarily queer/trans, some aren’t. Within the queer/trans groups, I notice a prevailing theme of superimposed norms from cis/straight communities onto queer communities around how we treat femininity and masculinity. We eroticize and sexualize and all but worship the feminine and we posture and vilify and demonize the masculine. I also notice that many feminine beings take issue with trans masculine energy in a way that is hurtful as if we are the embodiment of all things masculine and bad. As if we embody male rapists, molesters and sexual predators. Or fathers who have abandoned their feminine children. I notice a machismo and performativity and posturing of masculinity as well. Is this our only option for masculinity? I wish we would pay more attention and try not to do these things. Or perhaps those are the breaks when females choose to overtly consume masculinity.
–The Ignant Intellectual


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