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June 13, 2014

Today I sat on a panel to discuss gender-based systems of oppression. Two of the panelists today did work with people who trade sex. Me and another woman. One of the fellows asked how she can move past seeing sex work as dirty and something to be judged and shunned. I suggested that she humanize all things she’s been told are bad. Sex work. Addictions. Etc. Place her life into it. That coffee she was drinking is an addiction. Same neurological pathways are activated when she consumes it that are triggered when a heroin addict uses dope. Same as me and sweet tea. Also ask yourself why tobacco and caffeine aren’t illegal. Extend that to the job you hate. You’re trading your time for your soul. Things for things. Think about yourself as that person. Only your addictions are legal and don’t cause you to steal from your mama. The other panelist extended that to say that most sex workers trade sex for things. Housing. Bus fare. Clothes. Food. Not much different from your 9-5. I then said and sex workers get paid up front tax free. You get paid two weeks after you work and Uncle Sam takes his 12-15%. #WhoIsTheFool #ReframingBegetsCompassion


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