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Be clear. Whiteness is not my mile marker. It is not my goal. It is not my comparison group. It is not my standard. And neither are its derivatives like respectability politics, PWIs, “proper English”, “good grammar”, 401Ks, home ownership, or anything else. I do not privilege Whiteness over blackness. I do not find more prestige in Harvard over Howard. I do not value the idea of Black Ivy Leagues. I do not need to read books that position the white gaze at their epicenters. I am not more affirmed by my white colleagues over my black dope boys on the block. I do not value Wall Street over Auburn Ave.
–The Ignant Intellectual


Impermanence is the best friend of the unhealed.

For those of us who fundamentally feel inadequate and unworthy of love. If we consistently push back against love when it arrives and never realize that it’s because of fundamental feelings of inadequacy, we will forever push back against love.

And these push backs can look so many different ways. Insidious. Subtle. We can consistently choose things that result in us being single. Pretty much anything can be rationalized.

Feelings of inadequacy prefer impermanence. Because permanent shyt forces you to see your flaws. Someone saying “I’m willing to be patient with you” can be far scarier than someone saying “Phuk dis. I’m out”.
#ComplexYetSimple #WeMustUnearthRootCauses
–The Ignant Intellectual

Patriarchy ain’t bout shyt. If it were a real gangsta, it would call men who have long locs, punks. It would call men with nipples, sissies. Especially those who put their locs up in a ponytail. Those who are turned on by having their nipples fondled would be uber gay. IJS. This incomplete shyt confuses me. #BeConsistent #WhyDoRickRossGetToShowOffHisTits

Shout out to all the people quitting jobs, strategizing layoffs, negotiating severance packages, filing for unemployment joyfully, choosing not to use your degree, refusing to get a 9-5 yet surviving simply because you feel that your destiny is too large for a cubicle while advancing someone else’s agenda. Broker yet happier. You ain’t the only one at black elite events buying drinks with your UC compensation benefits. #ThisPostIsForYou


As long as negros continue to respond to real oppression with symbolic action, we’ll continue to have symbolic freedom.#HoodiesAndShirtsTurnedInsideOutAintAction
–The Ignant Intellectual

Not allowing released felons to come back and live in the homes of their loved ones if those loved ones received housing vouchers has little/nothing to do with protecting neighborhoods and more to do with the very brazen nature of recidivism demands, the cycle of poverty and incarceration, and viewing prisoners as labor. This is the modern day version of dividing black families by removing the patriarch. This is but one element that is strategically embedded in the system called capitalism.
–The Ignant Intellectual

Show them their purpose and their pants will probably go up on their own. Focus on their pants, and they’ll pull them up for a moment, but their minds will be unchanged.
–The Ignant Intellectual